deals16gb microsd card (class ii) for $4.99


Meh. We see 16GB class 4's on here all the time for ~$12 shipped.

In fact, here's a 16GB class 4 Sandisk for $10.58 shipped.


Started to buy 3 until I discovered that they were going to charge me the $4.99 shipping on each one. Was willing to pay that ridiculous overcharge once, but times three, not hardly. At that price will buy a better rated chip somewhere else.


@fevans1980: I read that the same way.

"these go to 11"


@morriea: Yes I can understand the first shipping charge but no way to justify the $5.00 per piece.


I thought it was the Spinal Tap model... Heading said Class II.


I just bought (two weeks ago) a class 4 16GB from Amazon for $9.89 TOTAL.I use it for audio, works great.


Not bad. Class 2 is slow, but for your camera or phone, it's probably fine. I prefer at least a class 4, but for the price...

@prime suspect: Class is transfer speed. A 2 will be slower transferring the data. 4 is faster, 10 is currently fastest I think. 10's aren't that common and will cost $$.


Class 2? Does it come with a book to read while data is loading?


@miquinn: Ya, I guess I should've put that.. I just kind of figure the $5 shipping is implied with stuff like this lol (even though it'll probably be shipped for like 40¢).. especially if it's not "free" shipping :)

Thanks though - people are more likely to read the 1st comment than the description anyways heh