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Have this scale, love it. Having a scale in your kitchen changes everything.


Anyone know if it weighs hundreths of a gram? Even tenths of a gram?

Did a search for a manual or anything. I found nothing substantial on the company or the product...



Great for homebrewing. Weighing hops has never been easier


I wanted to research this a bit and I noticed Amazon doesn't have any review for this product. Google doesn't seem to have much either, other than pointing out it's $10 on Amazon. Anyone have an idea why this is?


@th3madhatter: Yep, that is a good point, the only difference seems to be that this has the unit button on top, instead of on the bottom (though nearly in front). I've had the Cuisaid for about 7 months and have had no problems--been using that and to track my food. Lost 30 lbs so far, hurrah. Only 20 to go....

If the price were better, I'd pick one up, but as is... this is basically the same as the silver Cuisaid and if mine dies, I'll replace it with the same for the same price. :P


I purchased this scale on Amazon. Had to return it, since it didn't work at all. It kept giving random readings, was not consistent. Sometimes it didn't even want to turn on. Maybe I got a dud, but use caution when buying this.