dealsstar wars mug set 3.02 oz (4) + branded hot choc…


Seriously? 3.02 ounce mugs? Someone please tell me that's a typo or a misprint or that I'm somehow misreading this.


i suppose each mug holds a shot and a half of coffee? i fail to see the point, and my excitement has dwindled.


I wonder if it's the mass of chocolate powder and not the fluid oz. of the mugs. That would make more sense.


Related items: 1.35 oz mugs --It's got to be the oz. of powder you get, not the size of the mugs. The tiny picture would almost have to say 'actual size' otherwise.


Does this site accept paypal? I'm to lazy to check currently.


@adamhun: I don't think so, there are three bags of chocolate in there. Each bag is 1.35 oz. Sooo... that would mean the title should be:
Star Wars Mug Set 4.05 oz

I am assuming the 3.02 oz (4) means 4 3.02oz mugs... Aka 1 and a half shots of Hot Chocolate


I was at K-Mart physically on Sunday 11/27, and saw this very same mug set.

Rest assured, they are 'normal' sized mugs. I'm just not aware of the volume in fluid ounces a standard mug holds. They aren't jumbo mugs, or anything, but nor are they smaller than average.


This item is only available for store pickup so if you don't have a store near you then you are out of luck!