dealshp 17.3" quad-core i7 laptop (refurbished) for…


IMHO - Consumer level laptops (of any brand) are crap...if you want a good laptop get a Business Class machine. I have had two HP business class laptops, the first one lasted almost 4 years, in and out of a bag every day, 2 to 3 times a day, used at work and at home. Currently and typing on the second one, its about 6 months old, and so far so good.

Like someone else get what you pay for...look at the probook series from HP.

Disclaimer: I am not an HP rep, however I am certified to work on HP products, but only warranty work and only business class machines (they won't even let field techs work on consumer grade stuff)...and this in no way makes me biased.


@blindandcynical: Yes, HP is bound to have more failures by number if they make more computers overall, but these statistics show the PERCENTAGE of failures. This means that no matter what, you're more likely to get a dud with hp than with the other computers listed.


^^^^ These stats are a little padded, of course HP is going to have a higher failure rate in a study like this. HP sells the most computers, so they are going to have the highest possible failure rate. A company that sells 2 million computers is going to have more failures then a company that only sells 200 computers. Not that i'm defending HP at all. They use inferior parts to keep cost down. You get what you pay for.


@ocnomad - Good pointer. LifeHacker highlighted SquareTrade's 2009 reliability study on the 3-year failure rate covering 30,000 new laptops. Does anyone have pointers to newer studies and/or results for refurbs? Thanks!


According to an article at, HP has the highest failure rate out of any brand. Asus and Toshiba have the best success rates.


Every HP I have ever had (except for a Vectra around 2000) has died a horrible, very untimely death. My brother's brand new DV8 had its screen crap out, then its wireless crap out, and has been replaced, I believe, 5 times now. 6th time's the charm, as the touchpad seems to be on the fritz now. Avoid HP like the plague.


I've been wanting a 17 inch refurb laptop...
This would be perfect. If only I had the money... :(


@pdxchris: Funny you mention that, and funny this deal has come up. I have this same exact laptop. The screen died just yesterday. I treated it better than my future kids, never abused, always careful with it. It's stil under warranty, but it's always such a bummer to be without your computer for a while.

I gotta admit, this thing was speedy and responsive though. And the aluminum is very sleek and sexy. And the speakers sound pretty great and loud. It was a great laptop.

But none of that matters when the thing dies on you.


Hp has a lot of refurbished computers for a reason...