dealsios/android control helicopter with mini spy cam…


I was considering this one... but then I tried to go to the site and WOT alerted me about its reputation:

Anybody know if this is a good price for this heli?


is this the site that sells bunch of chinese knock-offs that woot usually frowns upon?


10 dollars cheaper than most iOS controlled heli's, plus you get a spy cam. Anyone know if it is a camera or a video cam?


@jamesbottomtooth: It has a brand name 'WL Toys', the manufacturer is located in Shantou, Guangdong, China (the same as Syma RC Toys). We don't mention it because it's Chinese brand. The quality is guaranteed:-)


@covert0p5: I'm not sure about the popularity of this site. Most of our customers are using to share the shopping experiences with us. It should be more reliable with over 1,200 reviews ;)


Guaranteed Chinese Quality !


@metilhed: Yes, 100% guaranteed. We're responsible for quality problems. You can always contact our after-sale dept. through for any issues during your purchase.


@charlieprince: The description says, "Featured with a 0.3 Mega pixel front camera, you can capture images/videos freely with the remote control. "


Guaranteed Chinese Quality !


I heard that the Iranian government is purchasing a bunch of these to use as spy drones.


Its uncommon that the actual vendor gets on these forums and comments on their own product. Just saying.


Is this little guy IR like most helis of this size, or is it RF?


If it only came pre-programmed with coordinates for nudist camps I would be in.

"Ahhhh!whats that thing up there darling?"
"Oh just some kid's RC helicopter. Take your towel back off"


This one is IR not RF so not worth it... Also the camera is 0.3 megapixels so don't expect much from the camera.

I wanted to like it, and was tempted to buy it... but then I finally figured out the specs they tried to hide... IR being the one big one, which also comes back to their deceptive advertising. They throw the term RC around which is normally used to refer to radio controlled, yet they use it as meaning remote controlled. The big tell is that they state it has 3 channels, A/B/C... when you see that it is a dead giveaway that it is IR controlled and A/B/C are not channels, the little IR diodes don't have different frequencies of light they have only 1 and it is just a difference in how it the pattern of flashes that it does. Come on woot stop giving space to junk dealers.


@livespark: Why would they bother to buy them when Obamas' troops land our good ones in their backyard for free.


Dudes, it's a freaking toy!! Chill out......either you want to bs around with it or you don't! You freaking pervs out there that want to control this so you can spy on your sisters changing will have to find something else!!


@bneal123: I welcome comments by vendors when they identify themselves. They are in a position to provide useful product information, just like the staff members who post on the main woot site.


Ok so it is a 640x480 flying video camera, That costs about $15 more then a Syma 107.

Unlike the mini 640x480 video camera i picked up for a larger helicopter $20 alone this one also comes with a small 512mb micro SD card and one can control the camera via the remote app.

My guess is that the 512 card will be more then enough to record the entire flight the LiPo battery provides.

Seems like a fair price, but not a stellar deal. Just expect a 2-4 week shipping time from China.


Says it is a HD camera in the photo, but hey, even name brands lie about the sensors. (like Logitech IIRC)


@nuketank: It is IR. The IR transmitter plugs into the 3.5 jack of your device. Just go look at the app that runs it in Google Play. There's a link to compatible devices. The link also shows you the IR unit and says it's IR. The product page even shows the IR unit.