dealsasus tf300t 32gb for $149.99


Got one of these from Woot awhile back. Love it!


Aw, I picked up the 16GB for $169.99 like two weeks ago on Cowboom. Love my tablet. I recommend it wholeheartly!


Link takes me to an Apple iPad. This one brings up more TF300T, but only 16GB, for $144.99:


@bitman: The reason the link goes to the iPad is it is an expired daily deal. That is what the RIP and tombstone signify. The new daily deal is now running.


@morriea: As a programmer, I assumed that a URL with a long hex string in it would be a unique ID for that item. I guess I overestimated the intelligence of cowboom's programmers.

And a light grey icon is not terribly obvious. And the deal wasn't expired when I visited deals.woot. But anyway, thanks for the pointer, I'll look for that now.