dealstoshiba blu-ray player bdx2150 for $49.99 + freeā€¦


FYI: It is NOT WiFi ready unless you buy a Toshiba WiFi adapter for an extra $100, and it has generally terrible reviews.


@matkyne: Thanks for the info. Not even going to click.


I really wish they'd just include built-in Wi-Fi. I know they make more money this way, but Wi-fi dongles cost $18. Where do they get off charging $100?!


When I click the link it $79.00 not $49.00


@jb3301: Try the coupon code up in the original post up top.

edit: yep, works. must have a newegg "account" then you get the -$30 after you enter the promo code.


Does this have gps? Not worth it if it doesnt...


@dcmtnbkr: why do you need gps in a blue-ray player? Is that a joke that I just don't get or do you use a dvd player in you car so often that you get lost?


@lagervsale: Sometime over the past week or two I remember a Blu-ray player deal listed with "GPS" as one of the features.

Nice one, idrivea911!


Honestly not that great of a price for the limited features it has. I saw a much better SONY one for $59 this morning