dealscanon eos rebel t3i digital slr camera w/ lens…


This price looked fantastically low for this camera. I immediately became suspicious. So I did a little checking and here is what I found!
Seems uses the classic 'bait and switch' and even if you do return your merchandise, for any reason, you are going to get hit with a re-stocking fee. Something it seems they also fail to mention when you are purchasing. And, while I do not know for sure, with this price I suspect this is a 'grey market' sale that comes without the full FACTORY CANON WARRANTY. I have not checked but by going to Canon USA or calling Canon USA you can find if they are in fact a legitimate Canon dealer. I bet not! This is a great entry level DSLR but protect yourself and your investment by purchasing from a known and demonstrated ethical dealer. After reading the reviews, No way I would go with this one!


To go along with my above post, here is about what you can expect from legitimate and well reviewed companies for this camera package.B&H $642 shipped.

If interested in what folks say about the camera go here and scroll down for 569 customer reviews.

By no means all the legitimate and fair priced dealers but here are some more known ethical dealer selling this camera.

ADORAMA $642 free shipping.

Best Buy $642 free shipping.

There are tons more and yes they are almost all almost $100 more. But when you check reviews on these dealers and ones like them, you won't be reading horror stories! If you buy, buy smart!


Fry's is an authorized dealer of Canon products. Just to throw that out there for anybody wondering



With that said, is this grey market or Full Canon USA Warranty guaranteed in writing with no re-stocking fee if found not to be? Also, if return is wanted, how much is the restocking fee? Lastly, if known, how many are available at this price? Of course there would be one more question. With all the camera companies out there with really fine reviews for 20 or more years, why does it seen this one has so many negative reviews compared to the others?


i've purchased stuff from there before with no problem. since they are an authorized canon dealer i highly doubt they'll be selling grey market cameras. if i find out that that's the case i'd dispute the credit card charge and get my money back...


You can not go on that for sure. There are several dealers out there that are USA dealers, not just Canon but others that sell both. The reputable ones make it plain and simple. They will show the same camera and then you will see two different prices. Most of the time they don't actually say 'grey market' but it will be something to the effect Canon xyz $abc.oo USA Warranty, $DEF.00. So, with the two prices and the posting of the higher one having the warranty, you see there is a difference up front. I hope like heck all is OK with these guys but I am telling you from a lot (too many) of years expieriance, something just does not smell right. ESPECAILY when you see that many negative comments. Disgruntled and remorseful spenders yes but, that many? Not likely. Let's see what Woot can find out (sent them a query) and/or what the dealer has to say IN WRITTING. Again, I want to be wrong because this is a good buy. But, "if it looks to good to be true, it is probably not true."


I personally bought a T3i a year ago from Fry's for $100 more, which was a great deal at the time. They're a great retailer, and I'd be blown away if they weren't authorized through Cannon. I even turned in my warranty card, got conformation from Cannon, and had no issues what so ever.

Also, for the price, it's a great camera.