deals5 quart portable slow cooker with bonus warmer…


Link isn't working for me, keeps complaining about cookies even though they are set to allow. Odd,


Anyone ever used this slow cooker before?


@zapp brannigan: Thanks! I always seem to have problems with the Sears links.


Cookie problem here too. Too bad. No sale.


Use the link that @zapp brannigan has under his comment. That works.
BTW, not a bad price considering you get the extra warmer. If you can pick up at the store, it will definitely save you some money. The shipping is a bit high.


and here too. Obviously a Sears problem.


@wittydrewy: This one specifically, no, but as I've found, slow cookers tend to all work alike. Heating element on the bottom, a ceramic crock on top where you put your food into it, offer three heat options (high, low, warm), and we're good.

Yeah, there are fancier ones (more expensive!) out there - timer controlled, temperature probe, touch panels, etc. ... but that only means more things that can go wrong too. Sometimes, basic really is the best.


For basic functionality, this certainly fits the bill, but I've found it tends to run hotter than I'd like. In most cases, that isn't a problem, but large pieces of meat, such as beef in roasts and stews, tend to take on a stringy quality that is the classic symptom of too much heat whereas other slow cookers don't in the same situation.

Still, for the price, it definitely does the job and generally does it well enough. By far, the worst slow cookers I've experienced have had metal, not stoneware, inserts. I would take this slow cooker over one with a metal insert any day.