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I have the 32" version of this tv and absolutely love it.


Vizio is a terrible brand tv. They are cheaply made. I have seen multiple Vizio's their quality is subpar compaired to a SONY Bravia series or the Sharp Aquos series. Vizio is for the people who want to look like that got it going on but all they really are, are the people who fall for cheap gimmicks.


I have had this tv for over a year and love it. the picture is crisp, clear and vibrant. The 3d is great, especially for groups because the glasses are so cheap. you can use the same ones you get when you see any 3d films in theater. I have had experience with both passive and active 3d televisions and i prefer passive. no charging or shelling out 50$+ for a pair of glasses and i don't think the quality differs very much. the only gripe i have is the sound quality on the internal speakers isn't great. but if you're using an external receiver with optical audio your set. At this price, if youre interseted in 3d, i highly recommend it.