dealsomaha happy family combo, regularly $203 for $60…


I don't know how this made me hungry so early in the morning, but now I want steak. Immediately.


Everything in this pack is great, but their hot dogs are FANTASTIC.


@kentobi: He's right... They are beyond amazing! We boil ours...


It's 40 items for $60, that means that you are paying $1.50 per individual item basically... seems like a good deal to me.


Great deal, I couldn't pass this up. Thanks!


We've ordered their products in the past, and honestly didn't find them even as good as what I can get at my local supermarket.

That said, it's not a bad price but just don't expect really great products.


I grilled filet mignon last night from these guys. It literally melted in our mouths...


Make sure you use a secondary email address. Trust me. Ugh...


@jwheeler: If you bought these things in the store with decent prices, buying store brand and buying in bulk they "might" be about $20 cheaper. Sirloin($9/lb), Pork($3/lb), Sole($9/lb), Hot-dog($3/lb), Burger($3/lb), Chicken ($3/lb), apple tart($4), potatoes ($4). Add onto that the time you have to cut up and freeze wrap the bulk items, plus the vacuum sealer bags. The time to prepare the burgers, potatoes and apple tarts. Your talking at least a few hours. Plus the quality of this especially the ground beef, I'm hoping is much better then the "family pack" in the local grocery store. I'd say that this is a pretty good deal. It's not the all time deal, that I'm buying all they have and then selling to the neighbors out of my trunk kind of deal. But I'd say it's worth $60.


@revloki: I so agree. I sent their steaks as a gift once. Afterwords, my mailbox was bombarded with Omaha junk mail for years! I never used them again...


@bsteimel: I'm from the Omaha area, and I had always thought their stuff was overpriced and of mediocre quality. I could always get better meat at the grocery store.

Then I spent a little time in the Southeast and try as I might, I couldn't find a decent steak to save my life. Suddenly Omaha Steaks made perfect sense to me and I will never knock it again.


@bsteimel: Uh yeah... CostCo sells Sirloin for between $4.99 and $5.99 lb.


@rustybender: I grew up in Iowa, and I agree that there are some areas of the country where good beef/dairy just doesn't exist... (Arizona comes to mind.) Unless you go to CostCo where you can get it in bulk and shipped in from outside the region.

However, I've never really found any redeeming value or price in Omaha steaks. If I really want great beef I won't order it from OS, and I definitely don't want beef that has been frozen before it hits my doorstep.

Typically I'll order in from Rubes once or twice per year and just pig out on beef/pork for a week. Otherwise I watch local grocery stores for sales, and in a pinch I'll just go back to CostCo.


@jwheeler: I agree. But I also have to agree with @bsteimel that this is all going to depend on your local prices. I can go to my local butcher and get excellent cuts of meat for really great prices and could put together a similar package for about $45. I have purchased from Omaha Steaks before and I will never do it again because I know that our Specialty Meat and Seafood store has IMO better cuts of meat for more reasonable prices and they will portion for me for free. If you are in an area where meat (especially beef) is more expensive then this is a great offer, but make sure you look for prices at your local butcher (or even your local supermarket but their meat usually isn't as high of quality) before you do


I think its funny that people are debating the $60, when the regular listed price is $203. Holy Cow (Literally)


I thought for a moment there with the "Happy Family Pack" that Omaha had gotten into the mail order Chinese food business. It would seem to e a logical extension.


@lichme: a turd is a turd.....$60 or free.....this is an abomination to the food world....


@lichme: Just because they normally sell it for $203, doesn't necessarily mean it's worth that. If anything, the fact that they've marked the price down so much highlights how horrifically overpriced these guys are. Bear in mind we're talking about just 3lbs of meat here, in the steaks, pork chops, and fish. I'm sure their hot dogs are faaaahbulous, as well as their burgers (which they always give away for free along with their sirloins anyways), but I'm not going to pay top dollar for that sort of thing, or frozen apple tartlets and frozen potatoes for that matter. I can head to Whole Foods and get grass fed sirloin is $12.99 a lb, pork chops for $9.99, organic beef hot dogs for $9.99 and Prather Ranch organic grass fed ground beef is $8.99 lb. A lot less money for meat that's fresh and not frozen.


@ubermick - @sabby2000 - I agree with you both. I was laughing at the fact that they normally sell it for that much, when even their sale price isn't that appealing. - The holy cow was in reference to them selling @ $203 - the cow must be hand crafted from the heavens.


@lichme: who saya it's really worth $203???


Happy Family Combo????? Does it come with Fried Rice?


cattle rustlers,cattle rustlers,go sit on a hot dog.


@lichme: $60 is bad enough. That "regular" price is absurd.


Bought once with coupons and a gift card. The meat was good but was only slightly less expensive than it would have been fresh from my local butcher shop (this is after coupons/gift card). The steaks were good as was their smoked ham. The real problem came a few weeks later when your mailbox gets stuffed with offers (snail and electronic) and you get weekly phone calls until you tell the to stop calling you. If you have a quality butcher shop in your area, go there instead, if not, this is a good deal only if you want everything in the combo.


Has anyone heard the rumor that has been around for a very long time regarding their packaging practices? Over the years I haven't seen/read anything that substantiates or disproves these rumors. "Injecting water into the meat, so they can make the cow go farther." Just sayin' and probably perpetuating the rumor. (I did order once and couldn't do it again because my wife and I just didn't see the value in it. Plus all that steam that erupted from the grill when we cooked them ... really strange ;)


@golanta00: whatever you've heard is probably true. A lot of meat, especially the stuff that you buy in big chain stores has 20 or even 30 percent salt water solution by volume added. Ostensibly it's to improve flavor and maintain freshness but it's really meant to jack up the price. The label should tell you all this. New guidelines are rolling out that specify that fresh meat packages are now required to include more detailed nutrition informatio but I believe the salt content label has been required for number of yearsn