dealscraftsman 154 pc. mechanics tool set for $99.99…


I bought this for my father for christmas (it was the personalized version) and he absolutly loved it!


I received this same basic set ten years ago as a gift and love it; however, it needs a couple things if you really want to do your own basic car maintenance:

1) More extensions (it doesn't come with one for the 1/2" driver, at all)
2) Deep-well 1/2" drive spark plug sockets

With those, and some basic hand-tools you probably have around anyway, you'll be in good shape. The carrying case for mine was crappy from the get-go, so hopefully they have improved that since 2001.


Same deal at ; and since they are the home for craftsman, might be easier to goto your local store:


This is just a click through cashing in on a sears sale. Skip mygofer and go to the Sears site to get it. Also it's online only.


I bought the 200pc mechanics tool set last month for $99.99. And they gave me a $10 gift card (that i just used on the shop vac making the total 11.54)

I would wait for a better deal.