dealsthinkgeek - $10 off $30


I am getting blood and tac bac and perky jerky to prepare for the zombie apocalypse


@linkage89: 'pocalypse? DealZombie go all zombie meetings and hear no plan for 'pocalypse.

No siree. None at all. Maybe is confused with zombie interest in Lunar Eclipse. Sound much same.

So no waste money on bacon in can. Get clever thing like EvilTron

Have fun with friend and co-worker. Soon they no worry about unexplained creaks and scratching sounds behind them. Good for, um, self-esteem.


@angstangel: heh, that Bob real outgoing, bet he has movie credits too.


Yay! I'd been hoping Bucky Balls would go on sale soon. This is just as good!


Many things are on for less than half the price. They seem to come from the same source.


@markpsw: searched for about a dozen things I'd want from thinkgeek on that site and not a single one came up. fail site is fail