dealsshark 2-speed cordless sweeper with 12” motorized…


This looks really handy and based on some of the other ones I have seen around, it is a good price. Does anyone have ay experience with this?


I'm in for one. I had the older version of this sweeper when I was a freshman in college. Worked great on the hard floor of the dorm room and low pile throw rug, so hopefully the newer model will be perfect for my kitchen. Don't have high expectations of being able to replace my vacuum, but it should replace a broom and dust pan.


@conanthelibrarian: I work at a small resort where this was used as a spot vacuum in the restaurant. Our other vacuum recently broke, and the Shark had to step up in the interim as the main vacuum. It's been a champ. As long as it's fully charged and the brush is checked regularly for hair and thread buildup it sucks and brushes with the best of them.


We've got this, following our similar Dirt Devil model. They do well on slick floors, and surprisingly well picking up pet hair- something that's next to impossible with a broom.


I've had one of these for years and all I've done is replaced the battery. This works great for hardwood floors and even on my area rug. I also like that the brush head is wider on any of the new vacs you can find on Amazon or other places.