dealsclearance :: everything on sale extra 25% off…


OK, I misread this to mean everything is 25% off.

It appears that only the sale items have an extra 25% off. At a glance looked like a bunch of generic stuff that ends up at garage sales within a year.

Shame me for reading it before having coffee.


You duped me, bro!

But I don't care a bit about rep, so I'll expire mine in favor of your more popular one. I just want the peeps to get the deals, yo. YEA I'M MAKING MY OWN RULES UP AS I GO, GET OVER IT.


@lotsofgoats: Thanks, I like your picture better though, actually says thinkgeek.


Sorry to those who read this wrong it is indeed just the sale items that are 25% off. Truly didn't mean to fool anyone, just wrote it wrong.