dealslego keychain - mr. krabs for $12.95


+$4.99 shipping. How is almost $20 for a keychain a deal?!


There is only 1 left.

It's supply and demand dude. Economics 101


@spacezorro: Petrified turd keychains are in short supply, can I start selling them for $20? I bet more people would buy my 'piece of crap' over this piece of crap. Turdonomics 101, dude.

Not a deal.


How did this get popular? This shouldn't even have made it past fresh.


This gets my vote at worst post ever. Shame on you poster this deal blows!


It amazes me the nerd power on woot. Some idiot gets a lame idea about posting crab ideas here and their fellow nerds go, "Duhuh lets beat this lame attempt at humor to death duhuh it will make us cool with all the other nerds out there." I have a sneaking suspicion that it is the same nerdy morons that put "MOM????" everytime there is anything remotely sexy on here. But hey maybe it's a good thing that all you losers have found each other, yet the scary thing is you may get together, figure out how to procreate and propagate the nerd species!


@5ruffs: God, what a hater! Obviously you have time to browse deal websites throughout your day, so what are you losing by browsing through a couple more posts of something that, if you think about it, takes a bit of collective effort from a number of random people. I think the crab thing is kind of funny, just to see the how many different people find something to add. If it bothers you so much, move on to the next website, maybe one that doesn't allow comments or user input... I'd bet you'd feel more comfortable there. :)


Hater? Well back atcha you must be one of the nerd herd I was talking about. And by the way geek I don't have to move on, looks like woot agrees with me and is putting a stop to the crab nerds. I feel comfortable anywhere baby, except with nerds so I guess you'll be leaving then....... :o


You're enough of a nerd to not only comment on it once, but to check back and comment on it a second time. You act like you're insulting us by insuating that I have a sense of humor that you obviously can't get with... it's cool, though, kiddo. One day you'll laugh at this thing called life. =D


I got all my LEGO keychains at the LEGO Store for under $6 each. Just save your money and buy them directly from LEGO.