dealscraftsman 13 in. tool bag for $4.00


OK, After seeing this same bag on this site for the past 3-4 months (and buying 3 of them), can we all just agree that this IS THE NORMAL price for this bag and wish it a good day?


Great bag. Solid construction. You can find a myriad uses, and they'd make great gift wrapping to put other gifts in!


@matkyne: I agree that this, and some other size bags, have been around before, but the price here is definitely below what I can find anywhere else. Each time I check and this is the best price. I don't know why they come up so often, but if somebody wants one, and they're not bad bags, this is the time to grab one - or more. Just sayin'....


K-Mart "had" these bags for $3.49 this past weekend (Regular price showed $6.99).

Now that the weekend is over; this may just be the next best price for this bag--which is awesome. We bought several this past weekend to use for gifts--and as someone mentioned, we are using one for a round robin gift exchange and are filling it with all sorts of Christmas goodies.

These bags are very well made; they have a base (some other bags don't), and a sturdy overall construction.


@matkyne: not really, as I've seen in @ 12 dollars :/ I've actually watched the smaller bags jump in price as well because having 12 13" bags gets confusing without labeling them :)
Sometimes 13" IS JUST TOO BIG!

ALSO. If you spend more than $50 you get a %5 gift card from KMART, double w00t!