dealscraftsman 5-drawer tool center - platinum for $79…


@maxthelen: KMart is owned by Sears which owns Craftsman...why would the quality be any different than the Craftsman you buy at Sears?


hmm... it's their secondary "evolv" line though.

I wonder why they do that... it looks nearly the same with the same 25 lb/drawer limitation


@maxthelen: While it's $71.99 they want $48 to ship it. The second you switch to in-store pickup the price rises to $79.99. Bummer.


@pero69: Huge difference...the Evolv line is Stainless Slides for the drawers where as the one you linked to has Ball Bearing slides. Trust me...there's a HUGE benefit and difference to having Ball Bearing slides. I think you saved me from wasting $80 on the Evolv.


It's probably not even real platinum


Got this from KMart few weeks ago.
It's not for the repair shop but good enough for home garage. The metal body is pretty thin compare to a portable Craftman tool box.

The only thing I didn't like about it were the wheels. Three wheels were in a fixed position so you can easily move the cabinet left or right. The fourth wheel with the brake lever moved freely. I believe they should have two of the wheels moved freely so you can easily move back and forth. If you load the cabinet with heavy items and move it around frequently than it's a problem.

Besides that, I'm happy with the purchase.


stays $71.99 for me when I change to free pickup. Add code "MARCH4SAVINGS" for an extra $10 off. wait... maybe $9


mygofer is also Sears/KMart, it's a Sears Holdings company. sort of a hybrid for online shopping and instore pickup


@unitty: Thanks for the extra code - got mine for $63 - free store pick-up as well.