dealsparacord (parachute cord) bracelets by kha sports…


I wonder how you turn it back into a bracelet...


@jashobeam: I believe you can retie them, but sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed. When you make these, you usually have a little extra on each end of the cord that helps you tie the knots. I'm not entirely certain if you can tie the knots without it.

Even if you can't redo it, at $2.99 each, it is a really good price, especially for the added bonus of a whistle clip.

I make my own. The one currently on my wrist is based on a Slatt's weave/knot, which my own experience has proven can be retied with no extra length.


wouldn't use paracord for a rap, definitely not load rated. These are however, a good deal compared to what others want for the same item. They are also fairly simple and cheap to make yourself.


These are so easy to make and paracord is cheap as hell. Order some for yourself, get some clips from Amazon or a craft store, and make them as gifts. This isn't worth the price unless you're extremely lazy. Oh wait, this IS Woot


@dpixel8: In for one after reading your post! ;)


To anyone trying to figure out size, this would fit around a size 8.5" wrist. I make and sell paracord bracelets, so a bracelet measuring 10" in length is usually around that size.

For $2.99 with a whistle buckle, seems like a good deal! Whistle buckles alone go for around that much, for one!