deals1600 thread count comfort sheets for $39.00…


Let me add a couple of comments to clarify. This is a blended cotton/bamboo blend. It is 75% cotton and 25% bamboo. This is also a Groupon type of offer where you buy the offer from us and then redeem the offer on the merchants website in which you pick color, size and ship to address. This product is 100% guaranteed for your comfort with softness and quality. I personally own a couple of sets and I am very pleased with the linen sets. If, you have any questions you can email or comment or ask on this offer. We want to make sure everyone is happy with this offer. The Management!


Translation: These are not Egyptian cotton. You are not buying this item, you are buying a voucher.


Really woot? You deleted the first thread, with all of the relevant comments, just to replace it, with the same exact deal info as before? It's really frustrating when you do that, since some people actually took the time to figure out how to get this deal and to point out the issues.


We bought a set of these sheets about a year ago. We did not expect much when we purchased. However, we were pleasantly suprised how soft they were. In fact, this came up on a Groupon deal last week for these sheets and we bought another set.


SO???? Egyptian cotton, or not?


@thumperchick: This is my customer. This deal was not deleted on purpose. I woke up this morning, and there were 4 deals instead of 5. In fact, the customer brought the fact that it was gone to my attention. I believe it was deleted due to moderator error. Because we have to have 5 deals loaded at all times, I added it back. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the comments from the previous iteration of the deal.


@thumperchick: TRANSLATION: the deal posting and the corresponding user discussion led moderators to believe the deal was so bad it was a scam, and they, being the delete-happy-mods they are, nuked it without realizing it was a sponsored deal. also likely: someone is being scolded because said sponsor is likely to receive a complete or pro-rated refund.


@pinchecat: Perhaps not. While perhaps not 'dishonest', the original posting also wasn't entirely on the up-and-up. So when the sponsor asks for a refund, I'm sure somewhere buried deep in the TOS is a clause saying "we don't give a crap if you DID pay us money, we're not posting any shady deals, and the content is your own responsibility. So if you post an offer for sheets, and make it look like they are Egyptian cotton, and it turns out the offer is for a voucher for sheets made of bamboo, that's on you, not us."

As far as 'damages'...the deal is reposted, with all the comments revealing how crappy it is gone, and all the downvotes gone. The sponsor is, if you will excuse the phrase, making out like a bandit.

PS: That 'guarantee' is worthless. If you don't like them, the seller is going to say you didn't buy them from us, you bought them from the other company. The sponsor is going to say we didn't sell you sheets, we sold you a voucher.


I just bought some nice sheets with my wife. I did some research. It turns out that claims such as 1600 thread count are technically correct but in all reality WAY over inflated. That alone makes me doubt the value of this deal. You don't have to take my word for it though.


These are in NO WAY any percentage of cotton.They are 100# POLYESTER. I was duped by another "deal" site into thinking they were cotton. They even said that they were. When I got the set, not a wrinkle on them. Washed it first and when it came out of the dryer, NOT A WRINKLE ON THEM!!! I am highly allergic to polyester and broke out the very first night they were on the bed. BEWARE!!!


@bigray57: you should hire a lawyer, as it sounds like you were defrauded... specially if they made you believe it was one material but in fact another.


@jyoz22: It was a deal from Groupon for a mattress company is Florida called Tampa Bay Mattress. When I complained to Groupon, they begrudgingly credited my account for the full amount and I used the sheets as drop cloths, which is all they are good for!!!


Ugh this whole situation reeks. The misleading product, the deleted original comments & downvotes (-40+ right before I went to bed) whether intentional or not, and the originally evasive company rep now seemingly forced by woot to give up the actual material contents.


@thericochet: The only part being THESE ARE 100% POLYESTER!!!


RUN, do not walk, away from this deal. Deal is unworthy of Woot (or perhaps was before the Amazon injection) These sheets are featured all over the internet at various prices, all touting some "luxurious Egyptian fiber" "Suitable (not actually placed) for the finest hotels" All the sites have one thing in common, they avoid saying these things are pure polyester. The vendor that honors the voucher doesn't even mention the thread makeup on the whole site.
My horror story, Someone gave me a set because they heard me say I love high quality Egyptian sheets. Next thing I know, I receive this slippery set of shiny sheets, washed them once, and the lovely burgundy color turned my mattress cover pink. I try to concentrate on positives on this site, but this item is a horror no one should purchase and waste their money.


Bamboo is not polyester, Bamboo is Rayon made from bamboo instead of trees. That said these look like the same old scammy sheets that are usually $20