dealsolive garden - 20% off lunch or $5 off 2 dinner…


Just a clarification: The lunch coupon expires 8/24, but dinner coupon is valid until 8/26.


I would also like to clerify that @Lichme is the man!


I don't see a coupon, just the Olive Garden web site. How do you get the coupon?


@flytran: Inside of the description are links to both of the coupons


this is a deal. even though olive garden sucks.


Olive Garden's descent was gradual, then about 2 or 3 years ago they just completely came off the rails. The last 3 times I have been there the food is either grossly overcooked, over salted or just been down right disgusting. I'll spend an extra 3 or 4 dollars a plate to get local, fresh, non-chain Italian food.


@ryanwb: Exactly. I also happened to have met a chef who quit Olive Garden to start his own restaurant. He said the amount of butter they used was obscene. It's so incredibly unhealthy it's not even funny.

Olive Garden is to Italian (good) food as Taco Bell to's NOTHING LIKE IT.


My wife just mentioned that if its a never ending pasta bowl can anyone say that "nothing is in-pasta-bowl".