dealscowbell for $6.99


@bentleybooks: "Walken: "That's the most famous thing I ever did.""

Unless he had something to do with Natalie Wood's last night.


I always thought The Stones could use a little more Cowbell in Honky Tonk Woman.

"I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in memphis,
She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.
She had to heave me right across her shoulder
cause I just cant seem to drink you off my mind."


@zollars23: I play band masters grade 7 cowbell...


Walken: "That's the most famous thing I ever did."


No thank you, I already have sufficient amounts of this item.


This is a mounted Cowbell for a drum kit. Not the classic handle held beauty the Will played.


@bongodingo: blame Woot staff. That was the original title haha

@gelo48: I think about that watch he wore in a less than obvious place


Know what this offer needs? More cowbell.


Coincidentally enough, my Halloween costume this year was Will Ferrell doing the cowbell scene. I bought a silver cowbell at a music store for $13, but they also had this black one for $15. So if you are in the market for a cowbell, this is also a pretty good deal.


Christopher Walken says this is what people most often mention when meeting him. He has a library of films and we all think "more Cowbell".


@psilosome: Nope, no clapper here. This is for use by percussionists. You hit it with a drum stick.


Finally, I'll be able to complete my multitrack recording of "The Reaper"!


This should be good for cheering at cyclocross races. I wonder if it has a clapper?

Harbor Freight has one with a clapper for $3.99


I wonder if whoever wrote that classic SNL sketch realizes that he basically made an entire generation of people think of his sketch whenever they see or hear the word "cowbell." That's pretty great, if you think about it—it's not often that one person takes a hundreds-of-years-old device and gives it a totally different connotation for a big part of the population.

Also, "I gotta have that cowbell"


I've got an old internet joke, and the only prescription is more repetition!


First I thought nose ring was only for cow. Than I saw ppl having them too.

Now it's cow bell for people. Just show where the human race is going. LOL


I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!


@heymoe: the original title was "MORE COWBELL" but I guess the Woot mods don't have a sense of humor