dealshitman: absolution xbox 360 for only $9.99 & free…


Picked one up myself. 9/10 on IGN….good snuff for me. Thanks!


This game is free on PS+ right now.


@smithmax13: Sucks that your required to have PS+ in order to keep playing it though.


@livinonedge: $4/month for a great library of games is cheaper than netflix. I pay for XBL as well, but ps+ seems like a better value. Hopefully now that PS+ is required, we'll start seeing deals on it like we do XBL.


@livinonedge: With all the games that Sony gives out for free the $50 makes up for itself and then some. As with LIVE, you can find deals around the web to get this subscription as low as $30 - $40. If you have the time to play all those games, and there are a lot, then this is a great investment. It will also carry over to the PS4.