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i bought this exact tv from this exact store a couple months ago when they had it as a flash sale item so it was shipped free then (sorry) for this same $. it arrived very quickly and in a box around the tv box so the carrier didn't know what it was. carrier was amazed when i told him it was a tv. it really is very light (20# shipped).
the pic is great. it has a wonderful sound. it has all the connections i needed to be able to hook it up to my other devices. they say the best review is "would you buy it again?" the answer yes i did a month later for my mother in law--and she is as happy with it as i am.


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Beware buying from onesaleaday...I have ordered from them twice and TWICE, parts were missing to which their attitude was : tough luck - we can't do anything about it.

Also, I bought this tv from BBuy a few months back and had to return it. The picture kept blacking out and had to reset the tv...sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. The picture was beautiful when it did work.


@tmacke19: I've never had any issues with 1saleaday, so YMMV. I wouldn't say beware of them at all.


When I worked at BB, we got these TVs (not sure of specific models) returned all the time. They were POSs. Take that for what it's worth.


I also had a similar model from Westinghouse; there was an annoying disconnect between the picture and sound that got worse as the set was left on. (People's lips moved while talking, then you'd hear their voice a second later). A downloadable firmware 'patch' via USB drive fixed it for the most part so it wasn't noticeable during regular TV, but if you play any kind of music-based video game (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, dance games) they were still mostly unplayable.