deals10 pack: 6 foot high speed hdmi cables with 1080p…


I'm so glad these are the high speed HDMI cables. I get really impatient using the low speed ones waiting for the video signal to travel from my blu-ray player to the TV. In for 10!


Wow, do you really need 10 pack


@spectral: HDMI Highspeed is actually a standard in the HDMI spec:

Technically, if they want to even call them HDMI cables, they need to say either "High Speed" or "Standard"


@rabbidpanda: Do you mind if I call you with questions about my new camera, also which twitter deck software is best.What are your thoughts on the "In field fly rule"? Lastly is it better to train you puppy to love you or fear you. I say love.

Those that say "fear" I just stab in the eye with a fork.Kidding I use a spork.


definitely cant pass this one up with free shipping


Use coupon code 1off10 and get $1 off orders over $10...enjoy!!


Argh. This is the reason I've become a packrat.
I don't want to get a PS3 or new video thing and be stuck going to BestBuy for their Monster Cables at 11:00 on a Sunday afternoon...

So instead, I have a corner of a closet devoted to "MISC A/V Cables"... but they're getting outta hand.
But since I only have 2 HDMI ones left, I'm in for a pack.


They charged state tax, NBD, but charged the wrong amount, including a 1% county tax that has been invalid for over a year. I really hate that. Microsoft did it to me last year, too, but refunded the difference when I called.


Reason for 10-pack: When your tech-naive friends/family buys a new TV, BR player, game system, etc. and realizes it doesn't come with an HDMI cable, you can tell them you'll do them a favor and go buy one for them if they give you the cash for it. Take their $25, disappear for an appropriate amount of time to make a Best Buy trip believable when you actually just went home, PROFIT!


@homncruse: I do this all the time actually :)


Why did I just order 10 HDMI cables? I only have 2 devices....


@privateerx1: Because these 10 cables are probably the same cost as 1 of Best Buys cheapest Dynex brand and a fraction of a name brand HDMI cable at most B&Ms.
If I didn't already have a dozen or more Monoprice HDMI cables I'd be in for 10 but my HDMI grocery bag overflow-ith ;)
One thing I'd like about these cables over some others(including MP) is they don't have that big choke near the cable ends which just bulk things up and get in the way.


Passed over this deal for the 6 pack of 10 ft hdmi cables for $14.99. And the 1off10 promo code worked, too.


I was about to pull the trigger, then my wife reminded me we have an unopened package of 10 HDMI cables already. Sigh...


Just bought a pack, mine are always disappearing. 10 for the price of 2 from Amazon.


@kjlane: Cableblocked...hate it when that happens!


These are garbage, I only recommend this Monster Cable:


I only needed 4, I still have 8 regular HDMI cable I bought from these guys in a 10 pack last year. I'll put them out at a yard sale for 2 bucks eack and make some money back.....