dealsrefurbished barnes & noble nook wifi ebook reader…


In for one. I almost pulled the trigger on the $99.00 one on Woot the other day. Granted this one doesn't have 3G, but that wasn't a big selling point for me anyway.


It's showing up as $89 now... Is this deal dead or is there some trick to it? Coupon code perhaps?


@n3rv19: No, they must have changed it. It was $79.99 when I bought it. No coupon code.

Btw, so far I've been pretty happy with the Nook. I downloaded about 40 free ebooks from various places, including Project Gutenburg.


Looks like it's back to $79. :D If there wasn't a looming announcement from Barnes & Noble about a new version later this month, I'd buy this asap.