dealsfog-free shower mirror for $4.99


Fog free, meaning it fogs up within seconds of turning on the hot water. If you really want a fog free mirror, get the one that you fill with hot water. It actually is fog free unlike this crap....


I haven't used this one, but have used similar, and they tend to work "well enough" to shave while in the shower, but definitely are not fog FREE. As whoster69 said above, the kind that have a reservoir built into the back that holds water is in fact fog free, and is the best solution for a shower mirror. I use the one linked below at Amazon and it works great. Granted, at $30, it's not a "steal", but this is a case of getting what you pay for.

Also keep in mind how a unit like this mounts. If it uses a suction cup and you have a textured tile or similar surface in your shower, it will either not stick at all, or will constantly fall off -- usually when you least expect; scaring the crap out of you when it hits your bath tub.

An attachment method that uses a removable silicone adhesive is far preferable in this regard.


I didn't even know a mirror like this existed. Probably wont get one based on the above comments, since this particular one apparently isn't good, but awesome to know this product is out there


I agree that the ones with the water reserviore behind the mirror works best, I personally have used and would recommend this one:


So it's $4.99 for the mirrior, and the fog is free?? In for some free fog