dealsdiehard platinum portable power 1150 w/ jump…


I have one of these that I got several years ago as a gift. It works great! It sometimes has the tendency to lose charge over time, so I have to take it out of my car and charge it overnight every few months, but no big deal.

The compressor is a little on the slow side, but it works just fine. The light is nice, and the power inverter is extremely useful.

I actually let a friend borrow this for over a week while he saved up money to replace his car battery (yeah, don't ask), and it's still going strong.


These chargers do not work on dead batteries - you WILL NOT be able to use this to jump start your car.

This is due to the polarity protection mentioned in the description, which eliminates connecting the charge clips to the wrong terminals of the battery. For it to do this, it needs to find a charge in the battery. Simple! This is common for all of these types of jumpers – not just the Sears jumpers.

Why? Because some idiot destroyed there alternator and successfully sued! Dumb down the whole lot was the solution!

Several years ago I ran into this when it was just implemented. I contacted the manufacturer and was able to locate the model being replaced that did not have the polarity protection circuit, and have been using it since. Unfortunately, the main switch is not working so the charge won’t reach the jumpers. I still need to look at that. Should be easy to fix/bypass.