dealswilly wonka and the chocolate factory 40th…


So shines a good deed in a weary world...

For the sake of woot...

So shines a good deal in a weary world...


I'm still waiting on my copy of "Ice Pirates" to ship, from two weeks ago.

I'm not entirely convinced has the stock to fulfill their orders...


@rrussell: I disagree. From my experience, wbshop has always had slower than average shipping. The shipping is free so I'm really not complaining about it. I'm confident that they are likely backed up with so many orders.


A Wangdoodle would eat ten of them for breakfast and think nothing of it


@rayray8822: Also, that headboard looks like a boob. Never noticed before.


There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There's no knowing where they're rowing,
Or which way they river's flowing!
Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing...