dealsvalentine's day magazine special


I am going to rip this company again--bought $100 plus 6 or 7 magazines--put in coupon--not accepted--email and ask why--they check---verify I did put coupon and that it was current-it was-in-said couldn't honor on some magazines ---fine--I say a bought a number of different ones--which ones would they honor??????
NONE----Not one of the ones I picked? I assure those who doubt-all originally had no such caveats when ordered, only after the fact.

Why? I honored a quote (went too cheap on it) recently in my business--it cost me thousands--but I made it, they bought it at the price offered in good faith, so I honored it.

Maybe I expect too much and have a different way of doing business. Maybe others had better experiences--but I gave them every chance--emails-- calls---I wouldn't do business with them and suggest the same.


I will, once again, claim the opposite. I currently receive 6 magazines I ordered from them, and have sent many others as gifts using . I have never had a problem with customer service or shipping. I have used multiple coupon codes that worked perfectly fine. I've never placed a large order at once. Very few of my orders have been for more than one personal or gift subscription. Great Company, I highly recommend them.


@nmchapma: Agree. Bought many mags from them without issue.


Me too. always deliver as ordered at the correct price!