deals23” samsung f2380 widescreen full hd lcd monitor…


If it came with Solidworks (pictured) I'd totally be in!!


@nascaraddict: It's a monitor, not a TV. It doesn't need HDMI. It has DVI, as a monitor should.


@sarahbau: DVI was only on TV's when monitors had only analog. As time passed, guess where the DVI went.... to Monitors.
HDMI is now available on monitors for many reasons that you obviously don't understand. All quality video cards and monitors have HDMI.
You can pull your foot out of your mouth now.


actually, hdmi, dvi, and displayport all have their place. many quality monitors only have dvi, as do many quality video cards ;)

hdmi is great when you need to plug something like a bluray player or xbox into it... or if your video card happened to come with hdmi output and you want to plug in another monitor.

there's really no quality difference between hdmi and dvi, unless your cable sucks, although hdmi can carry sound.


no hdmi, no thanks

@lunixbochs - for exactly the reason you mention, no sound


I'm one of those people who doesn't like HDMI on my computer monitors, but I understand why some do. Just like I don't like 1920x1080 resolution on my computer monitors for doing work whereas others like said resolution for watching movies and/or playing games. It's all about what you're using it for.

@nascaraddict: did TVs really use DVI before computer monitors did?


Guys, HDMI = DVI with sound. You can get a 3 dollar adapter...


Yes, TV's had DVI before HDMI.


@mboverload: I asked if TVs had DVI before monitors did. not whether they had DVI before HDMI

and to anyone who's interested:


dvi will not work with hdcp. There is more to HDMI than DVI, noobs.


I'd like the complicated blue submarine-looking thing.
Hey, who's the noob?


I stirred up a hornets nest of opinions since my last post.
Do your homework and then debate.
A fish doesn't get caught until it opens it's mouth!

Here's a couple links to start:



Newest HDMI 1.4a released March 4th 2010:

DVI will disappear like outdated parallel printer port in favor of USB, PATA(IDE) in favor of SATA and so on.

Have Fun!


@enginerd94303: If I understand correctly, DVI can support hdcp as well as carry audio (though most vendors implement neither one)

@nascaraddict: I'm sure some stubborn vendors will never give up DVI completely (just like how VGA is still around as is PS/2). Also, what are your thoughts on DisplayPort?

And nobody answered my question as to whether TVs had DVI before monitors did. I've personally never seen a TV with DVI (although I know some rare ones do exist) and I always thought DVI was designed primarily for computer monitors



Pretty sure you're right about HDMI/DVI.
A friend of mine has a DVI only monitor and it supports HDCP just fine.

I guess it really just depends if it's implemented or not.


No HDMI, no thank you. Not really due to the technology concerns, but more because I own two computers and both my siblings and parents each have a computer for themselves, and not a single one has a DVI port on it.

I do believe that pretty much all computer graphics cards are jumping ship on DVI and putting in HDMI ports with sound. I mean, I bought my laptop 3 years ago and it doesn't have DVI.


Connection squabble aside. Can anyone comment on the quality of the image?


This monitor seems to be a PVA panel which is different than most consumer LCDs which are TN. It's a very good price for a Non-TN panel. Connections aside I believe this monitor to have very good image quality given the vast amount of positive review on such. The cons I read about were that it would crush the blacks (resulting in less detail in dark areas) and the relatively slow response time. However, if you're serious about image quality and would use it for graphics, photo editing, as a movie watcher, or for office apps - this is a great deal. If you're a gamer, I'd pass due to the ghosting.


Indeed, this is not a gaming monitor. Would stand out for graphic design/photo editing though.

For gaming (and as a damn good movie/video/everyday monitor too), I'd recommend this deal I think is still going on:

I got mine two days ago and it is glorious, and a great deal (comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard, for $30 less than the monitor alone retail).


Oh, but it doesn't have HDMI either.

(Just get you a DVI to HDMI cable, it's useful in all kinds of situations... PC to HDTV, bing, flip it around, PS3 to Monitor, boom.)


This monitor has phenomenal color, the blacks are very black and color reproduction is great. It is a little darker than most monitors, but Monitor -> Epson Printer reproduction is almost perfect. I highly recommend for anyone that edits photos.

Additionally, this monitor has 178/178 degree viewing angles so everyone around you can see whether standing behind you, sitting next to you, etc. Finally, the mount is pretty neat, it allows you to spin the monitor, rotate, and raise the height several inches.