dealsselect blu-ray for $9.99, two for $12.99 or three…


Seems to be some pretty good movies on there. A good mix of newer and older movies.


Every additional movie after first three will come up as $5.
I ordered five movies for $25.


What I picked up
8 for 42.72 (with tax and shipping) - which is 5.34 per film.

Not a bad deal at all for blu-ray. The downside: some are on back order, so ETA for delivery is mid July.


great prices for many of these! (though some are often found in the Walmart $5-ish dollar bin) especially great deal on the Night at the Museum set since it's both movies on 2 discs for $5 total. Gotta love it!


Best Buy has some great deals lately. And in my experience they ship a heck of a lot faster than Amazon!


7 movies for 38 bucks, I'm good with that. Most of mine were available to pick up today too, Best Buy is only like a mile from here.