dealswilliams-sonoma beer making kit for $24.99 + free…


I'm sorry but Williams-Sonoma is so ridiculously over priced it's not even funny. I got a $100 gift card one Xmas and you know what I was able to get? Salt and Pepper grinders. Not automated or battery powered or anything. Plain old grinders. This kit only makes a gallon for $25. A "regular" homebrew kit will make 5 or more gallons at a time for about the same in material costs. Do yourself a favor and buy a real kit. You'll spend more, but you'll get more. A LOT more. It is honestly not that hard.


ninjamurf had some great points. To add, since this kit only makes 1 gallon batches you will find it difficult to gather ingredients in a cost effective manner after your inaugural batch. Most ingredients stores will sell extract in 3.3lb cans. While you might be able to get away with using 3.3lbs of extract for a very heavy beer in a 1 gallon batch, most of the time you will find yourself with a ton of extract left over.

Shared recipes are typically created for either 5 or 10 gallon batches, since 5 or 10 gallon production is considered standard for home brewing.

Lastly, this kit does not allow you to expand effectively. A gallon of beer will net you about 10-11 12 oz bottles. That's fine for a light beer drinker, but most folks who get into home brewing will want to start brewing bigger batches.

You'll be much better off just buying the right equipment for about $50 and spending around $35 in ingredients for about 50-55 beers per 5 gallon batch.


I have been a homebrewer for over 25 years now. I hate to say it, but this is NOT a deal, nor is it a good kit to "learn" from. Do yourself a favor and check out a homebrew site such as Northern Brewer and get a good starter kit from them. Better yet, visit a local homebrew shop and ask them how to get started. If you start with an extract kit, it's a fairly simply process. A GOOD starter set will cost you about $100 and ingredients for your first batch (which will make 5 gallon which is a little over 2 cases of 12 oz bottles) will run you about $25. Not bad for making a beer that taste better than most store-bought brews and YOU made it!