deals1/4 mile potato cannon (tennis ball attachment…


I bought one of these.
It is smaller then you would think and did not work well.

Better off looking on line and building one.


Bought one the last time they were on sale as a gag gift for my son...Gag was on me, after one feeble shot, it broke. Don't waste your money.


I MADE one a few years ago out of "Schedule 80" pipe and it would not shoot 1/4 mile!!! This deal might be a LITTLE exagerated


@davebrik99: I built one for my brother for Christmas last year (2011 Christmas) and it definitely shot more than 1/4 mile. Don't know why yours wouldn't unless the chamber was considerably smaller than the one I made.


Yeah, I bought one of these before Christmas for my son. Joke was on me. Its WAY smaller than it appears to be. Pretty much useless. A buddy of mine and I made one back in the day, and this was about 1/4 the size of the one we built.