dealscraftsman digital multimeter for $14.99


Nice deal. Wish it was auto-ranging though. So in that sense, you do have to know a little bit about what you're probing before you go poking around. Regardless, still a solid deal.

I've been using a cheap Craftsman meter for 6+ years. One of the probes finally got a little touchy and had to be replaced, but I think that's to be expected after years of banging around/use.


Good deal, too bad I'm lazy and don't feel like driving to the ghetto where my local K-mart is


Not a bad deal but if I want a multi meter then I would pay more than $20 to make sure I get good fuses.


Is this deal dead? Going to the site gives me a price of $26.99 --


@mybestuser1: So, you don't have a driving need, but if you ever got one it would have to be top of the line?

For those who aren't pro electricians, this will serve you well. Don't worry about the fuse comment; you are unlikely to blow them out.