dealsenergy saving 7 outlet surge protector for $16.99…


umm so it's a plug strip and the switch only works on half the outlets..ok?


@videowallart: i suppose it's what's useful about it, you can have things plugged in that you want ON all the time, and other things that you want to control with a switch


After watching the video on their website, I'm very interested!


It's a smart strip. It will automatically shut off controlled outlets when the power on the master outlet drops below a certain level. You can, for example, plug your computer into the master and your peripherals into the controlled outlets and the peripherals will automatically power down when you shut off your computer (or send it to sleep).

It also has uncontrolled (constant) outlets for things you want on all the time, like your wireless router.

The switch works like any other strip - it shuts off all the outlets - but that's not how you typically use a smart strip.


I have a UPS that has the "smart strip" capabilities. I like it - I used to leave things like speakers, external drives, etc always powered on but now they get shut down automatically when the computer is off or hibernating. Normally you could plug your printer in the smart outlets too but we have a wireless one that we use from several computers - fortunately it goes into a low-power mode by itself when not in use.


Wow. This seems like a really neat idea.


I prefer a stupid power strip. The one with a master switch to kill them all. :D


@ttm77: So you are really going to climb behind a desk or your TV to turn off your power strip? You are far more dedicated than I. I think that I would never do that - thus why I need something like this...


Great idea! I want to turn my power strip off after shutting my machine down, but my desk lamp and phone charger are on that same strip.


1500 Joules.... Is that enough?