dealsautocraft gold car batteries @ advance auto parts…


wow shipping must be expensive for them since they weigh like 35 lbs

in person at the store they dispose of the old one for you and if I remember right they give you a discount for the old one.

wooohoooooo Im high on coffee


These are terrible quality batteries, fwiw. They are cheap, though- so if you just need a new battery to last long enough to sell the car- go for it.


@skrutinizr: The Gold series has a 3yr free replacement and a 7 year pro-rated warranty. Exactly the same as an Everstart Maxx, Champion Pro, Duralast Gold, and BETTER than Optima's no pro-rated warranty OR Interstate's Megatron Plus 30month/6year warranty. All their respective company's high-end battery. Apples to apples comparison.


@skrutinizr: Some of the AutoCraft Gold batteries are actually rated pretty well on Consumer Reports, and many of them are in the "recommended" category.


if you're lucky pep boys has the bosch in the same cold crank amperage, as they will price match it with the closest one. I can't speak for autocraft batteries but my bosch's still going strong 2 years after the end of the warranty...


My Wal-Mart battery has been going strong for just over 7 years now. It cost my $30 at the time. It is in my old truck. The last several years I have only driven it about 3,000 miles a year at most so maybe that has something to do with it


Batteries lose capacity slowly over time so a five (or more) year old battery may seem fine, but it has lost much of its reserve capacity. The first really cold spell usually overwhelms AAA with requests for jump starts. If you don't mind surprises then you can wait until your battery will no longer start your car. If you prefer reliable operation, you should replace it before that happens.


@eklebau: A lot of it is because it's "the old truck". Auto batteries are made to pull heavy loads, but not for deep discharges. When your truck is "off" it probably really is off.

My van (Town & Country), otoh, is just "snoozing" when it's off. Between radios (dude. Flash memory, folks!), 4 always-on cigarette lighters (with various phones and ipods), and all the remote stuff, if you don't drive it for a month, the battery is dead.

Do that 10 times (or only drive it once a week for a year), and you have an ex battery because it didn't like being that low :(


Their free installation was the top selling point when I replaced mine last summer. The work involved a handful or wrenches, WD40 and a four foot long cheater pipe just to get to the battery. YMMV


Just got mine installed at the local store after ordering online. Filled out the rebate. No problems. All worked like a charm. Thanks!


I don't like mail in rebates.
This is $110 out the door.
THEN there is a rebate.
THEN there is a loyalty card with cash on it.
It's still $110, plus tax and fee, out the door.