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I bought one on Woot previously. It works really well, does everything they say, and I will be taking it car camping from now on,, because it adds a lot of capability to my camp kitchen.

I have since bought the dome extender from Cobb. Instead of Cobb's poultry roaster, I use the Weber 6408 Style Poultry Roaster, $30 at Amazon, which is much nicer quality than Cobb's little wire beer can holder.

I was frustrated with the cost (and sometimes the quality) of the Cobb accessories, so I looked elsewhere and found that there are lots of generic barbecue accessories that work with the Cobb. I bought a $10 roast rack from Weber, $3 wire trays from the local hardware store, and a $6 little cast-iron egg cooker to hold the smoke chips.
I use a little cast-iron egg cooker to hold the smoke chips, It cost $6 and works wonderfully.


I always use an electronic thermometer, with the probe in the meat and the display on the table, the cord fed through one of the air holes in the top of the Cobb dome. $30 for the thermometer. I know reliably when things are sufficiently done, and it gives good info on how much heat you get out of 9 coals, which is quite a lot.

I've made a full chicken with the Weber 6408 in the Cobb. With beer in the moat and the 6408 reservoir, it came out too moist! I didn't know chicken could be too moist! I'll cook longer or use less liquid next time.


I did a full rack of uncooked ribs in the Cobb with dome extender, with beer in the moat and smoke chips. It came out wonderfully in 2.5 hours, the potential is there to slow-cook over more time.

I bought a spring-pan (usually used for cake) and plan to try making deep-dish pizza.

- Bruce


Fantastic Grill and I can't believe the price. I paid $150 ! I just got another one for my brother.

You can see the reviews on Amazon at

The Cobb really does work exactly how it says and the quality is top notch. All Stainless Steel. I mostly use it in our RV and boat. Personally I don't like the Cobb charcoal and prefer to use a natural solid hardwood charcoal. Cooks hotter and better flavor.

For accessories I would recommend the Wok, Griddle and the Dome Extender. I got the whole kit but don't use the others too often.

- Chris