dealsx-men & the wolverine collection for $24.99


@twizteddotnet: Same here. Not sure where the $24.99 price is listed.


not sure whats up . but the one that has it on special is BestBuy in their "deal of the day" section..


Best Buy was where they actually had it for $24.99 Amazon had matched the price, but now it's on backorder on Best buy so Amazon brought it back to 37something.


It came up 24.99 last night. I guess this deal is dead. Sorry everyone.


@birdspawn: When you know a deal is dead, it's a courtesy to expire it yourself. Click to show all your own deals, then look just under your name on the deal listing for the word "expire." Click that, then tell the pop-up notice yes, you really want to expire it, and the deal will promptly acquire the little tombstone marked RIP.

If it's easier for you, just tattle it as expired and a mod will take care of it for you.


If you go to you can see the price was $24.99 for just a few hours on the 28th.