dealscraftsman 25574 7.8 amp corded 6-1/8" twin cutter…


Oh kewl!
The market is saturated, the shelves are heavy, drop the prices!
This is one of those things. If you want one and are going to use it and already have a use, these things are great. I'm redoing a friends boat trailer, and this is an essential tool. for now.
If at some time last year you don't think that something didn't get done just because you didn't have one of these, then it's just another pretty and dusty tool somewhere in the garage.
And it's an $80 pretty and dusty tool.

Like that rotozip tool towards the right, for example. I bought one, used it for a total of 15 minutes, maybe 20, then put it away. i have now found that, with the proper bit, I can customize computer cases with it.
Helps make my wife less unhappy with me and my decision making process. ;+}