dealsiron age wrench bottle opener for $6.95


Built-in profit on shipping is a DEAL-killer


With the bubble wrap and packaging, the shipping weight hovers between 12 and 14 oz (the wrench is made of Cast Iron after all). Postal price for 12oz is $3.98, Postal price for 13.1oz is $5.50. There is no 'profit' in shipping for any of our items on our website.

We also refund shipping charges whenever we are able to use a flat rate rate shipper (as many of your fellow wooters will attest to).


$4.97 s&h for Central Ohio (snail mail)


built in profit in shipping?! are you kidding me?? i have been trying to buy this bottle opener for my husband for Chirstmas stocking stuffer for weeks...(my borhter in law has one and he thought it was this is far and above the BEST PRICE i have found online for shipping to Canada. At least 5 other sites have lost my business today because once i got to the check out the price for this silly little thing was over 40 bucks incld. shipping. THANK YOU for the great prices. i will be recommeding you to friends!