dealsbuy a magicjack plus, get a free phone and free…


I have MagicJack (the original) was (and is) a good deal. The new ones cost more for the device, and more to renew the service after a year.

I purchased a Magicjack+Plus and thats where the problems started. After a month, it no longer worked, I used their "chat" service on their website and went through three techs before being told that "yes, we can't help you...BUT WAIT... If you send this one back, we will only charge you $25 for a new one! " Ya, great service there.


Magic Jack sucks. Poor Call Quality. Poor Customer Service. I take that back. No Customer Service. No option except chat and email to communicate.

Buy and Ooma or get Vonage or Phone Power or Skype or just about anything else for that matter. don't give these idiots any money....And considering VTech Phones are complete crap too this combo deal is a match made in hell.


magicjack is a good deal. 20 bucks a year for unlimited phone service, including long distance. you need a decent computer if you don't buy the mj+. if you're running the regular mj on a box that is busy doing other things, or if you're streaming audio on your crappy dsl service over the same line, the quality will suffer. that's not the mj's fault - that's your bandwidth's fault, or your cpu's fault. my service was choppy while i had it attached to a busy, slow machine. when i moved it to a modern box with some cpu and some ram, it runs like a champ. absolutely great. the only negative is that it doesn't run as a service, so you have to actually log in for it to boot up... and that's a problem if you lose power and then regain it while you're out. so the mj+ is a super improvement. if you already have a plan, max it out to the 5 years, and then upgrade to the mj+... your plan carries over.