deals8gb ddr3 athlon quad core processor 3.0ghz…


You'll probably need to add a hard drive too but that's still a real bargain.


The listing states that it only has 4GB of RAM. What gives?


@zifferent: It clearly states that is has 2 sticks of 4GB memory. 2x4

@EveryoneElse: This could actually be a decent base for a gamer if you aren't worried about playing everything at the highest settings. Throw in a $60 graphics card and you could be playing Portal 2 on this machine beautifully. Of course, you would probably need to upgrade the PSU to a 600W, in that case.


I see there are 2 x 4GB SIMMS


How well does the rebate work with Tiger Direct?

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@skoffer: The PSU's on these deals always bother me.


@j5: I've had no problem with rebates on Tiger Direct products in the past. As long as you're sure to follow every instruction to the letter (If they ask for the UPC, packing slip, etc., send the original. Some of the rebate processors won't accept photocopies and won't tell you if/why they reject your rebate request.) and are willing to be patient because they usually take several weeks, you should be fine.


@skoffer: who buys a "gaming" rig and then puts a "$60" GC in it? da faq?


@bayjacob: That is exactly why I said, "If you aren't worried about playing at the highest settings."

You can get a Radeon HD 6670 for around $60. Added to this rig, and you have an acceptable game platform for a budget concious gamer. "Gamer rigs" don't have to cost $1200.

What I have described won't play many new games after a year or 2, but this would get someone into all of the current popular online games, now, very easily.


@j5 The rebates usually work out fine. Often they come in the form of a pre-paid credit card and not an actual check. Not necessarily a showstopper but something to be aware of.


I broke out pricing from, as I don't need a case/PSU. Wanted to see if this is still a deal for me:

Mobo: $44.95
Proc: $89.99
Proc Fan: $19.99
Ram: $39.99 x 2 =79.98
Case: $29.99
Total: 264.90



Actually, if you went with a radeon 6670, 7770, or even 7850, you could get by on a quality 400w. Use this psu calculator to find out how much wattage you'll need exactly, but you actually won't pull more than 300w at full load.

The key is QUALITY! The psu in this combo is going to be an Ultra brand, which isn't great; though you might be able to get by with it.

What you're going to want is a Corsair, Antec, OCZ, or some other name-brand psu in the 400-500w range. This review database helps you decide which psu's are actually quality, and PCPartPicker can help you compare prices and find the cheapest, best option.

@pentester101: that is the exact definition of a terrible power supply.

It's an unknown brand, and for $20 I'd be shocked if it could put out 500w. +12V amps is more important than wattage, as that's what powers your gpu and cpu. 26A is less than the psu in this combo deal, that's horrible.