dealsvelocity micro t103 cruz 7" android tablet w/4gb…


This tablet is not worth $1.
I bought 2 last may and was lucky enough to flip them on Craigslist at a slight loss.
Do not buy this tablet unless you want one that crashes every time you open the browser, has no Google Play Store, and either won't install and/or crashes with the current versions of apps and games you want to run.
Even if you think you can root it and tweak it you will be unhappy---I did the best I could with rooting, enabling Google Play, using Opera Browser to avoid crashing, but it was still a piece of crap.
When you don't take my advice and buy it anyway, here's a link to the only forum online that will help you polish this turd;-P


MIPS Processor = No Angry Birds :P


Its $35!!! whoohoo

I don't care if its not as good as a samsung galaxy tab 7. It's $35. That's nearly a hundred less than the 5" vinci toy version. I know it has a few more mhz, but the Vinci and other similar ones are toys which means it will break because it's handled by kids. I will put this in the sturdiest case i can find (or bubble wrap) and just load those pre-k games on it. If you're really looking for a tablet for an adult, why are you even looking here. Spending $35 is no way to treat yourself. What's next, a $3 haircut to go with the mcdonalds gourmet dinner.


@billblandford: Thank you for the link. I was hoping for a device to be the remote for my media center but I don't want a crashing web browser.


@orateam: you were warned. This device is not as good as soup cans with a string.


Billblandford, you're a bad woot. . After more review, i canceled my order :(


@orateam: I was almost swayed by the $35 price tag but I have seen some really, REALLY bad tablets of that vintage Please report back once you've received it.


@orateam: I think that's a compliment. Glad you're not wasting coin on the most disappointing woot I ever woooted.


Read the reviews and remember that the most recent review is over 2 years old.


I bought the t301 in another moofi sale for the same price as this t103 (but no SDHC card). When you get it, it doesn't have the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market), and the Cruz Market has basically nothing in it. However, I did some fiddling around with it by "rooting" it (technically it's just allow read/write access) and installing some of the essential apps (Play Store and Google Account Sync things). I also installed Dalvik software to boost the MIPS processor. It seems pretty sluggish, but simple games (I like Slitherlink) are playable. If you have any current gen devices, you will be annoyed with the low responsiveness, but if you want a tablet to try out root-like strategies, $41 (with shipping) is a fair deal. I bought the t301 only to root.
Also, with the browser crashing, that's probably because Google doesn't work on these tablets; there's an issue with the Javascript. This is a known issue and can be solved by either disabling Javascript or by using Bing or Yahoo!