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These socks are incredibly thin. They feel like pantyhose to me, or maybe stockings. Not to be trained it at all, rips and tears super easy. Avoid if you're looking for quality made socks.


@lanatf12: My experience with them has been much more positive. I bought some on previous deals and have been very happy with them. They are not thick socks, but for everyday use I prefer thinner socks. I'm wearing a pair right now that I've had for over a year. No rips or tears. Not sure why you had problems with yours.


@lanatf12: Let's see. So far I am a liar, a fraud, and a person of low standards because I like these socks, right? How long have you been a member of Westboro Church?


@lanatf12: you're paying less than $1 for a pair of socks and want high quality?


@belyndag: LOL! You know you shouldn't feed the trolls!

Are these the same ones you gave me in my Christmas bag? If so, I haven't had any trouble with them, either. As you know I don't play basketball or anything like that, but I wear them for walking around the neighborhood with hubbie every afternoon and no problems so far.

And since you mentioned Westboro, did you see that they posted a note about picketing Robin Williams' funeral? I know you were a big fan of Robin.


@blgauthier: Yup. Saw the Westboro nonsense. Probably why they were in my mind. Grrrrr.

And yes. Same socks. Still walking every day?


@lanatf12: BAD TROLL, BAD hits troll with newspaper Seriously, cut the insults. Throwing a tantrum because someone disagrees with you is childish.

Why would anyone lie about socks?

I'd like to weigh in on these also. I bought a set of these a while back (not from thatdailydeal, and still no branding, not sure why that's an issue) and they're okay. If you're just walking around or playing the occasional pickup football game or dodge ball with the office then you'll be pleased with them. They're not meant for regular heavy exercise like running or your crossfit class. They're very comfortable and don't slide around on your foot during normal wear. Yes they are thin but that doesn't mean they are low quality. I have running socks from Nike and Adidas that are much better quality and far thinner than these (I also paid about $25 a pair for them).

@belyndag: Mind if I ask where you ordered yours from? 7deals? I'm just curious to know if there are differences.


@nmchapma: Not sure where I got them, but I suspect it was either on thatdailydeal or 13deals, their sister site. It's been a while now.

Funny thing now. The trollish comment has been removed so the rest of us look pretty squirrely with our replies. Maybe your newspaper swatting scared it away. LOL! I needed that laugh!

Edit: I might have bought them from Tanga. I think they've carried them a few times, too.


My order from 13deals just came in yesterday. They are a thin sock and probably not the best along for cross country running like I do but they get the job done as a far as socks go. I'd say less than a dollar a pair is a fair price for these socks.