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Shipping for one cold pack (which is 73 cents) is 7.69.


The title is a little bit off/confusing ;)

yni yni

Same thing for a $0.23 comb - $7.69 shipping.

On the other hand, shipping for 5000 combs is only $217.17, and combined with a cut rate of $0.17 per unit the final cost came to about $0.21 per comb. So there's your value buy.

Looks like this is could be a good place to buy in bulk, but to say there are $0.99 deals seems misleading.


Shipping Absolutely Kills It.
I'm getting $8.77 for shipping charges.


@danoumas: Well someone has to pay the shipping, eh? They ship free on a lot of orders (see the S&R policies) and will ship free on buyer's account, too (no handling fee) - isn't $7.69 less than the "Under 1 pound" rate for UPS or FedEx?


@yni: Agreed - Woot changed it.


@guysana: Not sure how long you've been around the internet, but yeah, paying $14.15 for a single 5¢ wet-wipe (like they give away at KFC) just a TAD high :).

[ed] Wait a minute.. You said "they" - I just looked at your profile and it says you joined a few hours ago and spammed half a dozen deals for that company in 9 hours haha.. are you not related to these guys?

You gotta remember: this is a DEAL website, where most deals have free shipping.. it's also attached to it's parent website that ships ANYTHING (TVs, composters, treadmills) for $5.. and then lets you ship anything else you buy that day for free.


@drchops: Thanks,,, I'll keep that in mind... I still think this is a steal/deal, though, probably because I buy a lot of first aid stuff.
No, I am not part of them... I work as a Lifeguard (in season) and as a safety content writer and editor @ www.Safety,com - They are a sponsor of, and I buy a lot of stuff in their sales, though. I'll watch out for not posting too many deals from a single site,, though - thanks, I guess I got a little excited when I learned about Woot! and knew there were great deals there to post.


I guess if you buy in bulk, the shipping charges aren't so bad.


@guysana: Well now I feel bad. Definitely don't let me from discourage you from posting.. all I was saying is, if you do post something, it's usually a good idea to make sure it's actually a "deal." Amazon is a good place to compare prices too.

Like those Cold Compresses - they're 73¢ on this websites (plus the huge shipping charge).. At a glance it looks like Amazon has Cold Compresses for 53¢ (Free shipping) all the way down to 32¢.