dealsportable hard drive - usb 3.0 wd elements 1tb for…


$30 MIR may be paid with a prepaid reward card. Yuck.


Not too shabby, cheaper $/GB then the 500gb WD Elements I just received last week...

@whatawhiner: spends the same as any other form of cash...well, except pop machines.


Mail in rebates should not be included in a "price". As far as I am concerned it is really $89.99.


Rebate system is horrible and not worth the time and hassle. Bought a TV and had to apply online for the rebate BUT, then you have to send UPC from the box, receipt and a rebate form in. Should have all been online. That was Dec 5th , they say it was received on Dec 31st, and to this day Jan 22nd, I have seen no card. I won’t order anything from TigerDirect with a rebate anymore.