deals3.00 carat all natural swiss blue topaz and…


I hate this site purely for how misleading they make their products look and sound, unless you take an extra few looks and notice how tiny and cheap they are.

Sure you get a 3.00 CTW of a cheap topaz, but only .03 CTW of diamonds.

And claiming that it's 94% off MSRP? Honestly... who believes that?


There is no necklace. There is only Szul.


Being mislead by an illustration is always a hazard, but this company is unusually good with their carat-weight descriptions, mm sizing, and illustrations of the piece on sale. Whether their merchandise is a good bargain is an individual decision, but anyone who doesn't understand what they're reading probably shouldn't be buying jewelry online.

I used to buy a lot of very inexpensive, fairly low quality 'trinkety' jewelry just because I liked the color of the stone. I never expected it to be of any great value, and I would never pay any attention to the "suggested retail price" or "save X% on this piece" language. I pretty much always got what I expected, which was a essentially a piece of costume jewelry.

On earrings, btw, one quick and easy way to determine the size of the stone or whatever is attached to the post is to compare its size to the size of the butterfly clasp itself. Most earrings sold by vendors here are really, really tiny.


You get what you pay for. If you go into a deal like this thinking you're going to get some estate-worthy diamonds and stones you'd be an idiot. Its jewelry that looks nice and is cheap. I've gotten my gf some stuff off of here but by no means did she think it was super expensive stuff. The pieces have lasted pretty well too, with the exception of a ring that got bent very easily.


"All Natural SWISS blue topaz"?? Natural blue topaz is ONLY found in Texas. Also, I hate these companies with their fake MSRP pricing. $300 my ass.