dealswestern digital 2tb nas wd20efrx internal hard…


I have one running as the main HDD for a 24x7 server... never had a problem. works beautifully and stays cool/quiet.


I finally pulled the trigger on this one... apparently too early. Paid $20 more from Tiger, just two weeks ago. Great deal.


Did someone type the link wrong? I get a "404" page when I click the link, but when I navigate there via newegg, I have no issue.

its 10% off any of their WD red harddrives, so if you still wanted a 3TB (like you only have 1 bay left), its $153. They also are offering 2 2TB Red HDD free if you purchase a [url=]readyNAS for $500[/url] (normal price).


Link isnt working because newegg is having server issues atm.

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So this isn't at all a NAS drive; it's a drive suggested for use in a NAS system? It doesn't actually attach to a network without an existing NAS system.


@freeplaypsp: As far as I understand, it's just a regular hard drive that is tailor-made for use as a NAS drive. That is, it's their premium quality drive -- a step up from regular, more affordable "Green" series drives. There's probably more to it than that, but I can at least safely tell you that it is not itself a standalone NAS. It's confusing though, for sure. Maybe "NAS" is just a new buzzword for regular consumers, like "Cloud," and they are capitalizing on that?

Anyways, I just ordered one for a WD My Book Live II :)