dealsmitsubishi diamond 92" 3dtv dlp 16 speakers for…

vote-for2vote-against is known to exaggerate the price to make it appear to be a larger savings than it really is and sometimes it's not actually a savings at all.

Amazon is selling the exact TV for just $100 more and that isn't a sale price.

So at most's $100 mail in rebate is the only money savings here not the outrageous $3500 they claim. I advise not buying it just for this shady practice alone do not encourage this sort of deceptive behavior. Honest merchants deserve your business.


@nuclearshadow: Dude, what are you talking about? Amazon lists the a retail value of $1000 MORE than Buy lists.

List Price: $6,999.00
Price: $2,599.98
Deal Price:
You Save: $4,399.02 (63%)
List Price: $5,999.00
Deal Price: $2,499.98

By your rationale, we should be protesting Amazon even more than, because they're list price is more deceptive than Buy's.

I own a DLP set, (older, smaller and Toshiba), but I've been extremely happy with the picture quality and at $2500 for 92-inches, I'd definitely say this qualifies as a deal.


I wish I could have gotten this a few years back when I bought a 52" for about the same price and no 3D. The tech is just getting cheaper and cheaper.


Does this even come with 3d glasses? I think you need a special kit for 3d to work.


@shutts67: It appears they are extra. The set has the IR emitter built in. A shame they are not included but for such a big screen at such a low price only a minor issue as 3d content is still somewhat lacking in availability.